Saturday, July 15, 2006

Reading Signs

Nomad that I am, I have learnt to read road signs and other notices written in places around the country. Not only in Nigeria though. During my stay at the Eldoret Campus of Moi University, Kenya, I was immensely delighted at the farce conversations on the bathroom/toilet doors. Graffitis, being natural blogs open to all, are forever going to remain a most fascinating and enlightening public noticeboard. Reading signs here in Nigeria has rewarded me with one private satisfaction - that Nigerian English possesses immense ability to entertain even when not so deliberately used. The following are a few I manage to remember now. I hope to one day back them up with photos.


Seen at the quadrangle of The Students' Union Building, University of Ibadan since 2004


Copied from behind the gents' room door at Mr.Bigg's Restaurant, Jos Terminus. 2006

3. "Please have your sit until is your turn. No standing in the cafe."

Notice pasted on the wall at a cybercafe at Iyana Ipaja, Lagos. 2006

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