Monday, November 20, 2006


I made the following pranks calls on my friends yesterday in the night.

1. Call up two unrelated people and link them in a phone conference.


TGO: Hello, who's this?
SS: Hello
TGO: Who is this?
SS: You called me. Who are you?
TGO: No, that can't be possible. I have not used this line to call for the past one and a half months. So it could not have been me who called.
SS: [Sleepy]
TGO: Who is this, please?
SS: [Click]
TGO: [Click]

2. Call up two former NYSC lovers using a hidden number, and link them up in a phone conference.


LMD: Helloo. Tani (Who's it)
AM: Iwo ko lo pe mi ni (Wasn't it you who called me?)
LMD: Emi ko o. (It aint me). It appears to be a conference, and the convener's number is hidden.
AM: Hello?
LMD: Can I call you back? I will. Promise.
AM: O daa (If you will).

Note: I was really really bored, and all the interlocutors are friends. And calls are free now at night for local calls. And... I may not likely do it again. Except I can get the phone numbers of Governor Ladoja and Governor Alao-Akala - and I really wish this to happen - or I'm that bored again.


Buki Omo-Alagbede said...


Translation: A string of four letter words


Translation: Who's SS? (she's got a nice voice... you have my permission to repeat the prank...)

iGwatala said...

And she's very pretty too :D

Translation: Opportunity comes but once. Do not always suspect that every call from a hidden number is from a Yahoo boy/girl.

Wicked grin.