Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Four lines

I sometimes wish this were a ship, going somewhere
a cabin free, free dip to fall in the moving deep,
all alone across a time dial that still ticks, here
like a grain of sand in a drunken sleep.


mack said...

Yeah I know.

If wishes were roses,
You'd have a date.

Kafo said...

ouch Mack mercy take am easy now
So Question
do u like being alone?

Chrisophrenia said...

Hey, blogger!
With this beautiful piece, can you let us see how much we can be confounded at Babel's.

Kiibaati said...

Good, good! x 7, Yeah yeah! x 6

mack said...

IG o,

y'know me vas just kiddn' righ?

ah well nice one.

Jaycee said...

deep four lines...sounds like u're having a feeling of being "frozen up in a hole."

iGwatala said...

@ Mack. Thanks for the hit. I'll get back at you for that. You need to see my date though. On a second thought however, I don't think I trust you enough...!

@ Kafo. Thanks. About being alone. Hell no. I do like company. But I often seek strategic solitude at times, and I get it. So... you're welcome. (literally)

@ Chris: Mo n bo.

@ Kiibaati. Thanks. I like your recent writings. Great.

@ Jaycee. Thanks. But frozen up in a hole? Hell no. The hole in which I was was a little warm. A kind of pleasant captivity. Hole eh? interesting metaphor.

iGwatala said...

@ Chris. You know Babel doesn't understand poetry. Why do you want to cause commotion? Anyway, here you are: Eng-Ger-Fre-Eng

Four lines which I wish sometimes that this ship it is and some share goes freely a cabin, the free bath, in which deep mobiles to fall here, completely only on one preset switch of time which still tickt, like a grain of sand in a drunk sleep.

somegirl said...

"Juliet on her balcony" J. L. Picard

somegirl said...

Well, after thinking about it for a while, I think it was actually Troi who said "Juliet on her balcony". However, the message remains the same. Let me help you a bit:

"[...]Data and Troi analyze the log of the Tamarian's conversation and discover that the Tamarian's communication is a series of references to legends and myths, with each reference carrying a meaning. For example "Juliet on her balcony" might be an image of love and yearning. They are also frustrated because they realize that since there is no shared history or mythology, there is no way to know what the Tamarians are saying."


Oracle said...

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This is nice.