Sunday, February 18, 2007

Some Babel Poetry

There sure was a reason why the gods confounded man at Babel. See below, what might likely happen if a sentence, phrase or poem as I tried below, is passed through these languages. English-French-German-English. Let's just assume that three bilingual people should meet and should have to converse. The Englishman speaks English to the Frenchman who repeats it in French to the German who in turn says back it in English.

This experiment started here

Twinkle Twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky.

The sparkling sparkling hold less the first role, as I ask myself over, what you over the so high world than a diamond in the sky upward are.

Below are some random blog descriptions, and what Babel thinks of them:

ARACELI'S BLOG: A mummy and some other things. This blog once per week is brought up to date... it is, if he is not.

MAC'S BLOG: I. I am even my conscience. I am living me my conscience, breathing and consciously. * Now I stop understanding me * I am logical, and very systematically I am not a perfectionist. I am not special, but I am different. I endorse art car portrait control, and I remain a Wurzelschoessling for the free expression.

NILLA's BLOG: Place the patriotic Nigerier downward at the earth.

KIIBAATI'S BLOG: Proudly Naija with confidence liberally and evenly Creative. Thinking global, but actively humanly. And the assionémentglauben (that), from it it is impossible to fail...

WORDSBODY: I am of the Niger an author and an art journalist based in London. I write an art column in a newspaper of the Niger, and my work appears likewise in many other publications occasionally. This blog is a consequence from in former times on the culture and the arts. As the entrance hall on the scene of the art of Nigeria will be before, an author particularly of the Niger of the body of its ' word ' -. in the measure, as, we will likewise affect on a broader African writing exactly the same as the international literature. Briefly a saturation of the arts.

iGwatala's BLOG: By Nigeran, the large six of feet four, but fortunately made by the books more largely I did not read males. Thusly mentioned Milosz of the poles (no intended wordplay). First a linguist once a journalist and often poèt. A young strange man, who thinks it, is mostly just seen to him everything and written for the Exorzismus. Well, since, then he will not save the literature the world not also not me save could. But attempt I. This blog is a public intimate kind newspaper, an unloading, blog comme un livre dans progressent - from a vibrated soul. All reserved rights.

I sure as heck didn't say the above!


mack said...

If it wasn't midnight here I'd be dying, I am dying. oooh this is hilarious.

...Place the patriotic Nigerier downward at the earth!!


iGwatala said...

Don't die Mac.

Kiibaati said...

Thanks to goodness, your blog is still on. Please. Don't.Stop.

iGwatala said...

Mack, this is why the internet translator is deemed crazy. It is just not perfect, actually. If it were, the meaning of the sentences would be the same no matter how many languages you run it through, right?

imnakoya said...

Well, what do you expect? "Garbage in garbage out". I have to say this is high on the list of ingenious blog posts I seen in a while. Cheers!