Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introducing the Travula

Since I began my Fulbright FLTA programme on 12th August, I've been keeping another blog at meant to detail my experiences on the American soil for the period of the programme.

If you are interested in the travel, travails and triumphs of this traveller, follow my adventures at the ktravula blog.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Looking Back

I just realized that this blog is over three years old now. Wow. If it were a baby, it would have long learnt to call me "daddy"!!!

While chatting online yesterday with a faithful blog reader/fan whom I've never even met, I realized that so many waters had passed under this iGwatala bridge. I remember a time when I took the whole site offline for a reason I no longer remember. Sometimes I felt that I was expecting too much from the portal. I overcame the phase, resolved myself to see it as what it is: just a blank slate to write on, and we've been fine ever since, during the ups and downs. Today, I want to re-visit a few of the most interesting posts in the history of my blog, and take my new readers back down memory lane. Enjoy.

My Books of 2006 (December, 2006)
On the Spell Checker (December, 2006)
How to Write a Poem (October, 2006)
Discovering Babel Poetry (February, 2007)
Discovering More Babel Poetry (February, 2007)
Two Poems from Lagos (January, 2007)
Rise of the Machines (October, 2008)
(September, 2008)
Some Ramblings on Language (May, 2009)
Pidigin English and I (July, 2009)

You can find my (almost) sonnet, "Here, moving", that won the Sentinel Bar Challenge of October, 2006 online. My article "Speaking the Machine: a personal narrative of a translation experience" was also published in Farafina Issue #12 of December 2007, and it skipped my mind to blog about it. I love that article. My contribution to Books of 2008, as compiled by Molara Wood and published in the very first issue of Next Newspaper is also online. I look forward to contributing to the next issue. I came across some very interesting books this year. My short story, "Behind the Door" was published by StoryTime in May 2009, and it's here where you can read and leave comments. They are appreciated. I've also contributed to, Instablogs and Farafina Blog as a guest blogger. My poem, "I'd Rather Be A Man" - a cheeky gender satire was recently performed (thanks to Laolu Olajugbe) at a gathering of the Guild of Artist and Poets in Abuja to critical appraisal. The feedback to it has once again assured that I could keep its sacred texts to myself for a little while more ;) Sorry folks.

I've also managed to finally join the Twitter train, and so far, it's turning out to be a very good resource for the news I could use. If you ever find yourself on its "multiverse", come find me @ Baroka. Let me tell you what I know. Now, if you'd excuse me, it's time for me to get back to learning Yoruba in the depths. I will need all the advice/luck I can get to be a good foreign language teacher in a foreign university.

Update 03/10: Take a look also at my pre-latest post - this one, that made me so, so very mad.

Ps: The photo above is of "Sẹkẹrẹ", a traditional Yoruba musical instrument in the percussion category. The photo was stolen from Jumoke Verissimo's Facebook page. How do I know that she won't sue me?