Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crossing Fingers for Adapted Poem

Hi Blog.

I have my fingers crossed for a piece of good news that could validate my attempt at passing myself off as a creative writer, a poet. I had sent my adaptation of a famous man's poem into a big-shot poetry competition and I'm now two days away from finding out just how much it fared.

On the one hand, I'm completely stoic as to the outcome of the judging, having learned from experience that it is better not to hope so as not to be disappointed. On the other hand, I am actually quite curious to see if the judges have a sense of humour and, more importantly, are able to see the clever twist that makes this attempt an improvement on the original and a commentary on the new world.

The original poem deals with racism. This adaptation deals with gender relations and body weight. So, fingers crossed. The good thing about whatever happens on Wednesday is that I will now have the freedom to make the poem available on every other medium as soon as the judges are done with it. Are you curious?