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Headfirst into the Meddle

Headfirst into the Meddle
ISBN 978361427, Khalam Collective, Ibadan. 2005/3

Growing up never has been easy and most of us have experienced some sort of bewilderment as one enters this weird adult world. An aversion to melt with the main flow, to lose one's individuality and freedom can lead to hesitation and mere mimic of the required initiation rites. Thus, although appearing mature and confident outside, a person might still remain a child within and with a child eye's s/he then sees the world and with a child's mouth questions it all. Days of high spirits and the sense to see beyond the plain material then can be chased by hours drained in low esteem and the fruitless search of some worthwhile ambition. Furthermore, in later years, love sneaks in and clouds one's mind, especially when nobody seems to love one back. As you might agree, such egocentric contemplation only disturbed by worlds bad news can wear out even the strongest mind.

The work compiled in this fine collection, is a testimony of many idle hours in which the author Tubosun with nothing more than a pen fought against those inner demons and an environment hostile towards juvenile dreamers. Some of the pieces created in this way were inspired by his own childhood and later years on campus, while others are completely fictitious but nevertheless add the picture of the so-far made journey which still uncompleted will cause the reader to reflect and wonder.

Anja Choon
March 2005

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