Thursday, September 25, 2008

Internet and the Questions of Privacy

The past few days got me thinking about privacy on the internet. No doubt it is one of the main issues in its functionality and relevance. A fellow Nigerian Blogger complained about impersonation. An old friend had to leave Facebook after a few months involvement in its social network. He had come to the conclusion that he was losing his tab on his activities, words and contacts. In short, no more in control. It seemed so easy these days to get lost in this modern world of social interaction. That's why many of us go back to make a deserved re-appraisal. I have cause to agree with my friend - also a Blogger - but still I find myself unable to be so bold. I still can't get my thoughts away from the internet after just a few hours of disconnection.

In a recent publication, it was said that addiction to/demand for internet pornography is now on a steep decline because of the ubiquity of online social networks like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube etc. Can you believe it? A good thing perhaps, as we are now too busy poking ourselves with imaginary Facebook pens and Yahoo buzzes to want to do a little peeking at naked breasts at Bang Bros.

Here is a recent news report where Aerosmith's frontsman Steven Tyler (pictured) sued anonymous bloggers who had laid secrets of his and his girlfriend's life on Blogspot. And who can easily forget the News Agency of Nigeria's trouble in the past few days when a "hacker" was reported to have sent damaging report about Nigeria's president from one of their dead email addresses?

Two weeks ago, in this same cybercafe from where I write, a malicious virus that displays a .gif image of Kenya's opposition leader cum Prime Minster Raila Odinga on the user's computer preventing them from using it was finally removed. It had been developed somewhere in Southern Africa perhaps by supporters of the East African politician, and sent around Africa in a supposed campaign of solidarity for their perhaps patron. More on the Odinga Virus here.

These are interesting times for privacy - that word that has come to take on a new 21st century meaning that we cannot yet fathom.


Mak said...

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