Tuesday, December 05, 2006

White Christmas Dreams

Written just now, to wear off the boredom on my hands

I am dreaming of a white christmas
whether of dust or biting fog or snow.

I am dreaming of a white christmas
Just like the one I used to know

I am dreaming of a white christmas
whether of flour, grits or corn flour

Or elubo, with all nutri-flakes of white
and the long grins of Santa's borrowed beards.

* This year, no one in my compound will visit Father Christmas, having all finally grown. And I live in a very large compound.


Nilla said...

Are you really that bored? Pele oh!
Also,what is "elubo"?

iGwatala said...

Hi Nilla,

Boredom was not the word. It was a sort of itch on my fingers.

So you don't know elubo? Yeepa. Who makes your amala for you? It's that powdery flour used to make amala. It's white, right? This Christmas, I know there's gonna be much of that around.

...you know what amala is, right?

Nilla said...

I know what amala is. But i have never eaten it, so obviously i wouldn't know the flour its made from.

iGwatala said...

Oh Nilla,

You haven't eaten amala? You don't know what you are missing.

Nilla said...

I don't think I'm missing anything...lol...I'm doing just fine with my pounded yam and eba :-)

iGwatala said...

Ok. I rest my case.

Naijadude said...

White Christmas? Sounds like so much fun but not will all the cold and freaking freezing weather that comes with it. Just snow will be pleasant!

Nice post

iGwatala said...

@ Naijadude: There's not gonna be any snow where I am now. Maybe just dusts - and there're lots of that around.

And of course the harmattan fog/mist.