Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The blog stops here.

Or maybe not. Twice, I have tried to get out of the internet. Twice I have failed. The first was at Yahoo 360 just after my return from NYSC, when blogging began to seem a far less comforting alternative to tangible social consciousness, and day jobs. Now last week it hit me again - the devil, and I turned the blog off to only allow private viewership. The peace of mind I envisaged therefrom however did not last. And here I am again. Apologies to all while I still contemplate a final solution. Till then, here we are.

So, meanwhile, let me recommend the following (new?) blogs: Kiibaati, Nilla, and Mack. That is if you have read OWNB, and Noni Moss. Also BlogAfrica and NigerianBloggers where this blog will continue to be aggregated even if it ever get's taken off the public.

The world around me is changing.
I must too, again and again.
Hope the light at the end of the tunnel
is not that of a coming train!

"Our greatest fears is not that we are inadequate... but that we are powerful beyond measure..." Williamson



Anonymous said...

Hmm . . . I disagree with the Williamson quote. First, I think our fear of our inadequacy is greater than our fear of our immeasurable power, and second, I think our fear of the unknown, especially death, surpasses them both as the greatest fear.

Nilla said...

Thanx for the plug in.

Take care!

Jaycee said... the devil is making u blog. Eyahhh...rebuke the spirit o... @ the fact that the naijabloggers will keep aggregating even if it gets taken off the public...

nice blog...

mack said...

yo man don't do that...(I can but only beg)

Hey try expressing yourself with your poems. Let that be blog in itself. Write. Whatever. Just put it out, three lines, two... it's therapeutic, trust me.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

i'm glad you didn't leave... thankx for the shoutout sha!