Thursday, March 08, 2007

Impossible to fail

Suggestion 1. Decide to be happy with yourself and accept you, as you are, pimples stretch marks and all. Make a habit of looking at the mirror, once a week, just to admire whom you see and say to the (wo) man in the mirror, “ You are OK”. (If symptoms persist more than three days a week, consult your shrink).Suggestion

2. Determine your personal vice and commit yourself to being faithful to it against all well meaning advise of friends, family, foes and free advise givers. You are human. You should not be perfect. You have a right to have a weakness to help you to be strong in the tough times ahead.Suggestion

3. Give freely anything that doesn’t cost you. Maybe, you have a ride, give someone going your way a lift once in a while. Maybe, you received several dairies; share. When strangers ask you for directions, be kind. Don’t deliberately send them on àródân. By so doing, you will not win a lottery, get a ministerial appointment or have angels visit you at home. But you will learn to give, which, I tell you, is in many ways eminently more fulfilling.

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