Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Roam was not built in a day!

The guy who wrote this where I copied it from obviously did not know the difference in the spellings. But I did, and yet have not found it negatively impacting on my appreciation of the witticism in the slip. "Roam" indeed. A verb that means "to wander" is now nominalized to endow an otherwise common statement with some wisdom. Think about it.

Today, the second petition created to kick Borishade out of Government got Funmi Iyanda's signature. (I'm guessing it's her cos the person signed as "Funmilola Iyanda"). Her name was only next to mine, which, by the devilry of the erratic internet server had been displayed three times. No other name yet. As at today. This is not too discouraging. My sparse publicity since last week had only been directed at helping the first petition, which initially sought only to remove Professor Borishade from the ministry of Aviation.

Anyway, anyway. We're gonna step up the publicity. I'm gonna write to all of my activist friends from the University. We'll get there. After all, roam was not built in a day. What does that mean, anyway?

Thanks Funmi.


Araceli Aipoh said...

So where did you say you copied the graffiti from?

iGwatala said...


Thanks for dropping by. I got this "graffiti" from a computer at the cybercafe in Ibadan where I browse. The guy who wrote it (a young man of about 14/15) was perparing a PowerPoint presentation with it, and obviously forgot to close the page when I got there.

Hi to you.