Wednesday, November 01, 2006

So who am I?

I have been giving some thoughts to this question lately. When I make poetry submissions to journals, they ask me for a bio, a short description of myself, and I wonder what to say. I am me, a human, I always want to say, believing that all I have acquired or done do not really say who I am beyond circumstances. Instead, I rack my brain and fill in details of some recent occupations, and hope it satisfies the curiosity. I know however that nothing in those words could describe what I think I am.

The following was published at Subjective Substance in March 2005.

A Fool As Old As I

Looking around alone
while others strive
marks me out
from this human race
as a swollen face.

Contacts made and doggedly kept
through thick and thin
stands tall in made truths
of my still, staring stance.
with sparse naira chance

Regular looks of piercing blur
and charming gleaning dents
or hands promptly stretched
are doors closing yet
as I look between this net.

I wave a lone flag
at a long, flowing crowd.

"The secret of genius lies in the clear and impartial perception of the objective, the essential and the universal. By seeing so far, he doesn't see what is near he is imprudent and queer; and while his vision is hitched to a star, he falls into a well" - Arthur Schopenhauer

Source: Subjective Substance. All rights reserved.

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